Customized Printed Mugs: Great Way to Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Customers

Mug Printing Singapore

What should be the most appropriate fuelled-notion that can lure every viewer and at the same time compel them to pause and think about you or your brand? While igniting ideas for gifts may it be for your loved ones or for your clients the starting point should be common, everyday object or idea. Amongst so many options to choose from, imprinted mug is extremely exceptional gesture to nurture your goodwill. Customized mug printing services in Singapore is the most valuable option to leave an everlasting impression on our loved ones and target audiences. Moreover, its daily use and functionality makes it all the more valuable.

Customized Printed Mugs could be Beneficial in the Following Ways:

  • Great Branding Tool: Printed mugs acts as a great branding tool and can build powerful corporate identities. Having your brand’s logo imprinted on it, could be a substantial way to promote your brand name, logo and brand message.
  • Ethics of Giving: If you gift it to your client, partner or your employees as a token of appreciation and respect then, it is happily used, noticed and treasured.
  • Spread your Word: You may also publicize your idea, info or concept by getting the caption printed on the cup. The spectacular captions will definitely jog their memory to think about you.
  • Leave a Lasting Impression: Well decorated cups just blow away the mind of the beholder with its stunning designs, cuts and patterns; their extremely riveting looks can easily grab the eye balls of your guests. So you can always customize your cups by giving a tint of fanciness in it.

Weren’t they real jaw dropping ideas? There are several varieties of printed cups available in the market today.

Explore the Widely Prevailing Mug Printing Processes:

  • Screen Printing: When lot of color fuss is not required screen printing can be used. It is inexpensive enough as it prints most simple designs onto the cups.
  • Direct Printing Process: In this process, the desired design is printed on a special transfer paper and then applied to the surface of the cup.
  • Dye sublimation Printing: This printing process uses special organic colors to get the desired outcome.
  • Laser Etching technique: It is used to create high-end cups that have artistic design engraved on it.
  • Digital Printing Process: It involves the use of digital technology such as laser or inkjet printer and when the high resolution prints including pictures have to be printed digital process is used.

Check Out this Interesting Video:

Primary Types of Printed Mugs:

  • Photo Mugs
  • Logo Mugs
  • Travel Mugs
  • Magic mugs

So, why wait to seek the attention of your loved ones’ and spread your word leaving an everlasting positive influence. There are many companies offering customized mug printing services in Singapore but what would I recommend is getting your mugs imprinted from a trustworthy company that is skilled enough to customize the print as you imagine. JoSa Imaging is a leading mug printing company based in Singapore that prints your imagination on the mug in most affordable prices. Its excellent customer service and speedy deliverance of printed mugs makes it stand out in Singapore, check here for more info!


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